Red Rock Kennel Miniature Schnauzers
Breeders of AKC Miniature Schnauzers

   These pups will go home on 4/13/2015

 Kadie delivered her pups on 2/16/2015.
 Geronimo is the Sire
 Female Liver with white feet chip#0A02545221 Senser Puppy
 Female Liver with interesting chest markingschip #0A02544642  Sylvester Puppy
Female Liver pepper white on chest chip#0A02546825 DeRoulet Puppy

     pictures 3/17/2015
 Male Liver pepper parti (dark)chip #0A02547011 Pistarelli Puppy
Male Liver Pepper parti (light)Chip #0A02547644 Forte Puppy


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 These pups will go home on 4/15/2015

 Cricket had a surprising litter on 2/18/2015
 Dutch is the Sire
Female Liver & Tan Parti chip#0A02547343  White Puppy
   Female Black & Silver Parti chip#0A02547747 Silver/Masse Puppy
 Female Liver chip#0A02542578 Cracknell Puppy #1
 Female Black & Silver Parti chip#0A02550027  Gunn Puppy
 Male Liver Parti chip#0A02543917  Wilson Puppy 

 Male Black chip#0A02544214 Boissoneau Puppy

pictures taken 3/17/2015
 These  pups will go home on April 25, 2015

 Pickadilly delivered 2 pups on 2/28/2015
 Geronimo was the Sire
Liver Pepper parti Male chip#2546631 Klin Puppy    Female Salt & Pepper parti puppy chip#2547037 Cracknell Puppy #2
     pictures 3/17/2015
These pups will go home May 1, 2015
 Biscuit delivered 5 pups on 3/6/2015
 Geronimo is the Sire
 Male Liver Pepper chip#2544148 Cohen Puppy
 Female Salt & Pepper chip#2543211 UNDER DEPOSIT
 Female Salt & Pepper chip#2543773 UNDER DEPOSIT
 Female Black & Silver chip#2543538 Larkin Puppy
 Female Salt & Pepper chip#2546644 UNDER DEPOSIT
 pictures take 3/17/2015
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