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Dear Patricia,

I thought you might enjoy seeing a picture of Milou, age 1. He is a small dog of @ 12 pounds, but full of life and energy and in great health. He took his first transatlantic trip last June and because of his small size, was able to travel with us in the cabin of the plane. He was adorable, not a peep and everyone loved him. He has his own red travel bag and likes it much. What I guess he likes the most is that he is with us all the time

I gave your name and the address of your kennel to a lady named Nancy who lives on the beach where we walk Milou every morning. She fell in love with him and wants exactly the same!

You may have heard from her.

Warm regards, Claire & Larry

Hi Patricia

Our darling Schnauzers are 5. Born on Oct 13 2008. Great companions in our retirement.

Jennifer P

Hi Folks,

Teddy at 4 1/2 yrs old. Wishing you a Happy New Year.

Ira L

Hi Pat,

Our Bowie has been a wonderful addition to our family since we picked him up July '12. He is full of energy and loves to meet people and other dogs. He is very outdoorsy and likes to go on long walks and play in the snow. He loves to be petted and he feels he is our master! We love him so much!

All the best,

Laura & Neil

Hi Pat and Carl,

I bought a puppy from you in Dec (Jesse and Cosmo litter) and I want to thank you so much for such a wonderful dog. Lolli is the perfect pet for me. She is sooo affectionate and could cuddle all day. She loves everything (except getting her hair cut, but we are working on that ) and everyone. Besides, me her best friend is a boxer. She loves other dogs and is great with children. When I went on vacation she stayed a few days with my daughter, then a few days with my son.

She adjusted wonderfully and they all enjoyed having her. My daughter made a comment that she is a great companion - and of course I agree.

She is 13.5 lbs (just weighed her yesterday) and very healthy. When I first got her she was a little under 5 lbs and I thought she would be tiny, but she is built strong. She loves her food and treats. I just can't say enough about her. She is just the happiest little puppy with tons of personality and makes me laugh. I've attached pics. She was just groomed and I think she looks more like Cosmo.

Thanks again,

Mary M

Hi Carl & Patrica,

I thought you might like to see Oscar's Christmas card photo this year. His parents are Double Dutch and Madison. What a perfect combination! You don't see a lot of liver and tans around.

Happy Holiday's, Lynne M

Good evening,

We purchased a puppy (Blaze) from you last January (he was born November 2012), he is a love! The best investment we have ever made. He has such a personality and is so lovable! Thank you so much for such a wonderful puppy. I'll attach a picture of him.

We are actually interested in purchasing another puppy so he will have a companion. I was wondering if you plan on breeding any so they would be going home around Christmas time. I have a 2 week vacation at that time and think it would be best to be home all day while they got to know each other. Otherwise we'll have to wait until next summer.

Thank you again for our little guy!

Stacey M

Hi Patricia

This email is long overdue. My apologies. I have been wanted to let you know how amazing Sara Jane is!

Sara's parents are Kadie and Geronimo. She was one of your first speckled Liver parti babies.

Sara has the most amazing personality. She is smart, caring, loving, full of energy, and very smart. She is just perfect around the kids and has a ball playing with them. She is a good guard dog and she loves to perform tricks. She is about 11 pounds full grown and has the most darling ears. Everyone loves them. They stand up on their own and we did not crop them. She enjoys rides in the car, walks on the beach and we take her everywhere. She is truly a member of our family.

She is now 14 months old. Here are some pics over the past year that you might enjoy seeing.

We could not have asked for a better dog and we will be back for another one in another year or so.

Thank You so much! The Crossons

Just wanted to send you an updated photo of our dogs. Hazel, on the right is 3-1/2 years old and the one on the left is our new puppy Violet. Violet, at 7 months, has just eclipsed her big sister in height. I'm not sure if you remember, but Violet was the ninth, and tiniest dog in Peanut's summer litter. Hazel is about 11 pounds, and we think Violet might top off around 13 pounds when she hits adulthood. They both are terrific dogs who are loved by everyone who meets them. I have recommended your kennel to anyone who is looking for a dog. Thanks so much for providing such wonderful dogs.

The Erickson Family

Hello Patricia!

It has been almost a year to the day since I picked up my little boy. Trooper is from Lexus' littler from May of 2012. Trooper is so smart and such a character! He has learned to love the car and even wears a seat belt! He camps, hikes and we're trying kayaking later this week (He loves wearing his life vest even when we aren't going into water! Just wanted to drop a line and give you an update on the wonderful gift you have provided me!

Thank you! Kate H


I just wanted to write to you and say thank you. On December 9th 2012 we brought home the newest addition to the family, Bruschi (Like the football player). We have had the greatest time with our puppy. He is now 8 months old and can Sit, Stay, and lay down. He has had no formal training he has simply understands the commands we give him. He is very smart and VERY lovable. He is a big snuggle bug he loves to be with other people and other dogs. There isn't a single aggressive bone in his body. We love to travel so he meets many new people and many other dogs. He travels well and everyone who sees him loves his markings and his coloring. I couldn't have asked for better puppy. We have recommended Red Rock Kennel to friends and family, and will continue to do so.

We cant thank you enough for the lovable, smart and energetic addition to our family.

Thank you again, Heather D

Good Morning Patricia,

I am sorry it took so long to get back to you but it has been a little crazy around here.. Phoebe is doing just fine she paid a visit to the vet (or i should say we paid lol) and they took a blood test and fecal exam and all was good, they told me to feed her boiled chicken and white rice for a couple of days and she really enjoyed that!! She is really enjoying her summer and just loves the boat….she also loves snuggling with her big sister!! I am going to send you a couple of Pics


Hi Patricia,

We were recommending you to a friend who wants a Schnauzer and we realized you might not get to see your puppies years down the line. We got Dixie from you ten years ago this past Thanksgiving. She's doing great. She's a healthy, happy, spoiled diva. Last year we moved from one house in Braintree to another, and she handled the transition wonderfully. Glad you're still in business and hope all is well with all of your four legged kids.

Christine and David and Dixie


Just a quick note to say how much we love Harley. We picked him up 12/10/12 and he has brought us so much love and so many laughs. He is such a smart little boy, he's housebroken, sits, lays down and is just a pleasure to have. He's the perfect dog for us.

Thanks again! Dave & Diane

Hi 3 Patricia,

My husband and I purchased "Spitfire" from you back in 2005, she was a very small puppy from Raven and Gulliver's litter. She was barely 3 lbs when we brought her home, and her fur was all black at the time.

We have renamed her "Winifred" and we call her Winnie…she still acts like a spitfire! She has brought so much joy to our lives; she is a very loving, fiesty dog; she weighs just over 10 lbs; she is smart as a whip; and she is still mostly black in color with shades of gray and liver.We also inherited my mother's miniature schnauzer in 2006, her name is Chelsea and she is now 11 years old, and the two of them act like sisters.

Attached are 2 photos; one photo is of Winnie and Chelsea lying in the sun; the other photo with the 3 dogs is Winnie, Chelsea, and my sister's dog Sebastian who passed away last year.

We wanted to thank you so much for giving us such a wonderful dog!

Ingrid and Steve

I have been meaning to send you a photo of Lucy for sometime. We bought her from you last December

She is the most easy-going, playful, affectionate and obedient dog that I've ever owned. Thank you so much for picking out a great dog for us. I hope everything is going well with you and your family. I am sure we will meet again.

Sincerely, Lynn and Bill

He is really beautiful and dark brown. Extremely well behaved and loving. thank you.


Hi Carl &Pat:

Thought you’d enjoy seeing this photo from today of Fiona. She appears to love the snow, leaping and bounding through it at our nearby dog park. She was in the company of three Newfoundland retrievers and had a great time chasing them around in the snow. She’s made a wonderful adjustment and everyone is drawn to her. She’s incredibly friendly and so very sweet. A perfect fit for me.


Hi Carl & Patricia

Just wanted to write a quick email to let you know that the puppy is doing well! I've named him Ryder. He went to the vet the Monday after I picked him up (on Friday) and the vet said he was doing really well. He has one little funny feature, his second and third toes on each paw don't split at the back of the pad. There is no problem, it's just interesting! He went to the vet July 2nd for some shots and he already weighs 7lbs2oz at his 12.5week mark!

I've attached a couple of pictures. Thanks so much again for the puppy! If I ever need another schnauzer, I'll be sure to see if you're still in the business!

Hope all of the wedding plans are going well!

Thanks, Jessica

Dear Patricia,

After a very busy summer with Daisy, I am finally sending you some photos! She is a wonderful puppy, and she is fully part of our life with our other two minis. We have had so much fun with her! For the first 2 months neither Bernie nor Tulip wanted anything to do with her, but our cat, Tucker, has been her friend since the day she came home. I have included a photo of him on top of her crate...he would stay there for hours while she slept and when she got a little bigger, he would play with her through the crate and wrestle with her when she was out and about. He is quite gentle with her, but they do get rowdy!

Daisy and Bernie are good friends and also wrestle and play tug-o-war with toys. That is Tulip lying next to Daisy in the photo...She's in charge, the big sister, so Daisy has learned, but they get along great now too. We all walk together with the collie next door, and Daisy can walk almost 2 miles! I carry her part of the way, which she seems to enjoy.

She and I went to puppy kindergarten at the end of June into July, and she was quite popular at Petsmart. She loves other dogs and people! She was the smallest, but the cutest in her class! She is very smart as all minis are! I groom my dogs myself, and she is getting better each time. She actually lets me clip her nails! That is quite unusual. I can't tell you how happy we both are to have her. She stops traffic, she is so cute!

You will see below a photo of my 4 husband being one, one of me with the dogs, Tulip and Daisy and Tucker on top of her crate.

I hope you are all well. Mary

Happy Holidays Patricia & Carl!

Attached is the picture my daughter took of Olivia in her Christmas sweater that we used for this year’s Christmas card. We thought you would enjoy seeing how Olivia has grown (she is 15 weeks old in this picture). Olivia is from Rocksann and Dutch’s litter, born this past August. What a wonderful puppy she is! House training is going well, a few accidents here and there but those are happening less and less all the time. Olivia graduated from Puppy Kindergarten and the Basic Manners class at our local kennel, and we plan to start her next step in training in January. She is a very smart little girl. We’re now working on walking “politely” as the they refer to it at her kennel, which will take a little time, but she’s doing very well for a four month old puppy. She loves everyone and adapts very well to different situations – and everyone just loves Olivia. She tends to have a bit of separation anxiety at times, but we’re working on that as well. Our family has been blessed with the sweetest little dog and we love her so. We can’t thank you enough! :o)

Take care,
Peter and Liz

Hi, Patricia and Carl. not sure if you remember me as its been a while however i bought a pup from PS fancy that litter, approx. 2005. just wanted to drop you a line and send some pictures as promised, he now lives in the UK with me and can I just say the best thing to come out of my marriage, lol, hope you are still doing well and the comments on Kramer over here are all amazing, black and silver are really rare and I've been told he has excellent form. everyone said its a shame he couldn't be used for stud but he has brought me so much happiness and I'm so pleased to have him as my baby

Thank you so much, wishing you all the very best Sam xxx

Just wanted to drop you a note about how wonderful our little girl Abby is... A lot of this has to do with you, the breeder.

The vet has also fallen in love with her.... She is now 11 pounds at 41/2 months old.... We are feeding her 3 times a day, and wondering when we should cut back to twice a day?

Enclosed are a couple of photos..... I bring Abby to work with me during the week and everyone wants to know where I found such a healthy, happy little dog. Kudos to you and your husband

All the best,
Bob P.

Hi Pat,

Baxter is now 6 months old and doing well! He has completed both basic and intermediate obedience training and did well in the classes. He was neutered on Friday and is already back to his active self! I am very happy with him and get many compliments on his handsome looks, great temperament and intelligence. I have inserted a recent picture of him into the email.

I hope all is well with you!! Take care, Vicki?

Hello Carl & Pat,

I hope you had a great holiday.

Sadie is doing great, she is a great addtion to the family and we enjoy her immensely. It seems like she views our daughters and their boyfriends as her "litter mates" because she is always playing with them when she gets the chance. She really knocks herself out with my younger daughter's boyfriend, as he gets on the floor with her and acts like a puppy himself. By the time he leaves after a visit, Sadie is usually wiped out and once in her bed, won't get out until the morning.

Hanging bells on the doorknob was the best thing we could have done, as she always lets evertyone know when she needs to go out, and there haven't been any accidents for months.

She loves to get into things, and she loves to chew -- luckily that task is focused on her toys and not on woodwork or furniture.

She is always playful, but when she is tired she wants to cuddle, preferably with Lori, but she will take whoever is available.

John C.

Hi Carl & Pat,

Mauser is doing great. He is the perfect dog for our family. Just wanted to send a picture of him with his Captain's hat. We love him so much.

Thank you.
The McC, Family?

Hi Carl: Just an update on "Jacoby."

He is really something Pat. Within 24 hours, he was so at home you would think he had been here for years. He has no fear whatsoever, very outgoing and social even with friends who come to the house that he has never met. I can't believe how he has adapted in less than a week. His favorite activity is to sit on the vacuum while I clean the house - I thought the noise would scare him but nothing does. He learned to take the stairs in less than 1/2 hour.

The first day, he was so amazed with being outdoors that he could do nothing but explore. But after 4 days, he is readily associating our backyard ventures with his potty visits. I am amazed that he has not had an accident in 2 days. I know he will regress a little as he progresses and it's an up and down thing, but I am blown away with the progress he is making in this department.

Thanks again for all your help. We were all very impressed with your kennel and all the dogs.?

Janet L.

Hi Carl & Pat,

I just wanted to send you a quick update on Wayne Rooney. He is just the best little guy I could have asked for. Its been a little over a year and a half since I picked him up, and he just has the best personality one could ask for. Everyone is his friend and I can't walk down the street without someone commenting on how cute/well behaved he is.

He is such a quick learner and was completely potty trained within a week. He knows how to sit, lay down, give high five, roll over and stay (although stay is often difficult for him when there are other dogs/balls/toys around outside).

I can't thank you enough for being so patient with me in selecting my puppy and for giving me such a wonderful little dog.


Hi Carl & Pat,

I wanted to send you an email/pic of Fenway, who was 2 in May. She is a sweet girl, loves to snuggle, and follows me everywhere. She's on the small side - just over 11 pounds (but hey, she wears it well!) I have directed several friends to your website as I really felt as though the dogs at your home were very much loved and well cared for while they waited to go to their new families.

Thank you again!
Andrea L

Hello Patricia & Carl,

I am so VERY happy to report that our little Braxton is doing fantastic! He has been such a blessing, we just couldn't even imagine not having him in our lives. Everyone that that has had a chance to meet our special guy can't say enough good things about him, including his sweet temperment:) Brax enjoys giving anyone he comes in contact with big kisses & always goes in for a hug:)
Puppy class seemed to be a breeze for him, and he has learned quite a few fun tricks aswell. He has fits right in with our 2 cats, and enjoys playing chase around the house with them.

Again I want to thank you so very much for giving us such a good little lover boy!

~Amy & Arty?

Patricia, Hi, Steve G. here with an update on our delightful pup, Taffy Cuddlepants. She is just absolutely amazing, we love her. She has been virtually house trained from the day she arrived. The very few mistakes have had more to do with us not paying attention then with Taffy. We have been doing just fun play training with her (which she loves), but she will come on command, sit, down, go from a down to sit and give paw with each side. She will also “dance” for treats and sit up and beg. We also have a soft fabric Frisbee which she loves to chase and will also return it.

She is extremely sweet tempered and absolutely fearless. She is, however, quite independent. The thing she hates the most is if I pick her up during a walk. If I see some broken glass on the ground or an unleashed loose dog I will pick her up at which point she informs me in no uncertain terms that she is a big girl and does not need to be carried. I always make it a habit to not put her down until she calms down and accepts being held as I do not want her to think that squirming or complaining vocally will rule my actions. She is eating just dry food and is down to being fed twice a day now. She is strong and healthy and full of life.

She is without a doubt the most amazing and beautiful dog that we have ever owned, and we have had a few. Every day my wife and I both just marvel at how wonderful she is. What a joy.

Thank you so much for this little treasure. Sincerely, Steven G., Burlington, MA

This is MAX...he was 2 on 8/2/07...he'll be with us for 2 years at the end of September! He is SO, obedient, loving, social...I could go on! I consider you the best breeders of Mini Schnauzers! I have recommended you to MANY people! Max is definitely a member of this family and gets so much love! He takes walks 2 times a day and goes out to play ball every day...despite the heat, cold or rain...he is VERY spoiled! Thank you so much for him!
Lots of woofs to you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Carrie & Max H.

Dewey is doing fine. he is a bit small but is a calm and good dispositioned dog. we had 7 kids over yesterday and he was the center of attention. no barking or acting aggressive or nervous. getting the knack of toilet training already.

One very nice compliment for you was from our vet. she looked Dewey over last week the day after we were in Greenfield. she looked at his ears (clean), nails (clipped), coat (tended to and brushed) and said, "he came from a very good breeder". and after the visit when Dewey had finished, she said he had a fine disposition and had obviously been raised with good human contact. Dewey was not spooked by being held by other persons. a sign that he was not just left in his cage, dirty and unloved by people. our salute to u. photos to follow.

xoxo Fred

First of all I want to say "Thank You" for giving my wife and I the opportunity to be the proud owners of a "Great" little dog.

We (Us and Pepper) have had a terrific first week.

He has exceeded our expectations!!!!
He is sleeping through the night, eating well and his "potty" training is going extremely well.

His first Vet visit was yesterday and he was a big hit at the Vet's office.

Everyone (staff and customers) thought he was adorable and cute.

The vet fell in love with Pepper.
We will send pictures in a week or two.
Thanks again


Carl & Patricia,

Just wanted to let you know how thankful I am to have found a Red Rock puppy. Tashi was completely housebroken and put to the 9 hour test when she was only five months old. Has passed with flying colors. Actually I was home with her for 3 months and she only had a couple of accidents from her first day home. I guess you could say those were our mistakes. I have had her groomed three times and she has held on to her dark liver pepper color. To my untrained eyes she looks like a liver to me with that beautiful reddish brown color. She loves kids and all the little ones think she is a living teddy bear. This Thanksgiving I am very thankful for Red Rock Kennel and Tashi.

Debbie C. and Tashi of Maine

Hi Pat,

Phoebe, from Angels litter that came home Memorial Day, is doing great. She is house broken for the most part and has been for a while now. Still expecting accidents occasionally but last one was about 3 weeks ago, and that was her first in a month, so here is hoping!! Last time at the vet (last Monday) she weighed 10.4 lbs and is a healthy girl. She is an absolute sweetheart who loves to snuggle and give little kisses on the nose. She is doing well with training, she will sit, stay, leave it, lay down and shake paw. With that said she is also very dopey, my husband and I say she is like that really smart girl at school who you would never guess that cuz when you meet her she is the biggest ditz you ever met. She is getting along great with her sister Tessie and has been great company for her. We are very happy with her. I hope you enjoy the pictures.

Stacia C.

Hi Pat, We just wanted to say Merry Christmas and thank you for the joy you have given us. Bo Sox was born 4-30-2009 Mom Shelby and Dad Tanner. He is sweet, smart and just wants to sit on my lap 24 hours a day if I had the time! Please don’t stop breeding these wonderful Schnauzers!

Sincerely, Arlene

Caitlin Kotarba 11/23/2023

When we picked up our pup, Brioche, up I promised you some updated pictures!  Here they are!!!  He is an amazing pup with such good temperment, comes to work with me everyday, picked up on commands very well, and is a little Angel.