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Upcoming Litters

Deposits continue to come in so I have changed the litters to most likely full. Not possible to determine how many will be in each litter and the colors and sexes until they arrive. There could be extra pups in these litters but more pups coming later in Spring into Summer 2023.

GRETCHEN & BLUE bred on 10/7/2022. Litter due on 12/9/2022. This is first time breeding for BLUE. I would expect Black & Silver, Salt & Pepper, possibly white and slight chance of Liver. They would go home mid February 2023. Deposit list most likely full.

BRITTANY & APOLLO bred on 10/25/2022. Litter due 12/27/2022. First breeding for BRITTANY. Could be Salt & Pepper, Black & Silver, Black OR
White . They would go home early March 2023. Deposit list most likely full.

TINSEL & APOLLO bred on 11/10/2022. Litter due 1/12/2023. FIRST BREEDING for Tinsel. Should be black & silver, salt & pepper and possible black. They would go home mid March 2023. Most likely all sold depending on size of litter.

PHILOMENA & BLUE bred on 11/20/2022. Litter due 1/22/2023. Looking for all Salt & Pepper puppies. Black & Silver may show up as well. They would go home the end of March 2023. DEPOSIT LIST ON THIS LITTER IS FULL.

JO JO & APOLLO bred on 11/24/2022. Litter due 1/26/2023. Looking for Salt & Pepper, Black & Silver and possibly Black. They would go home the end of March beginning of April 2023. DEPOSIT LIST LIKELY FULL.

Due dates listed here are by the first breeding date. The dogs could have breed for several days, so they are not always the actual due date.