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More Info - Deposits


Pups sold as pets with LIMITED REGISTRATION at $1700.00. Wheaten (red) colored pups are sold as pets will be higher. BREEDERS SOLD AT OUR DISCRETION AT A HIGHER PRICE.

AKC Limited Registration insures that our customers understand that the puppy they purchased is to be neutered or spayed by the age of 1 year and NOT to be used for breeding. If it is found that one of our puppies was used for breeding without our consent, legal action will be taken. All purchasers sign a contract that the pup will not be used for breeding and further initial that if found that the pup was used for breeding, they are liable to us for $10,000.00 By using th "Limited AKC Registration" option provided by AKC, we are assured that no offspring from the pup will be able to be registered through The American Kennel Club.


Deposit to reserve a puppy is $300, which is applied to the total cost of the puppy. You can send a deposit by personal check made out to Carl Senser NOT to Red Rock Kennel. 36 Newcomb Lane,Greenfield, MA 01301. We also accept PayPal deposits sent to our e-mail address: also VENMO @patricia-senser. Please add 3.25% to the deposit for the paypal fee. Total deposit by paypal would be $310.00 and $307.00 for VENMO @PatriciaSenser

DEPOSITS are accepted for those people who want to insure that they will be getting one of our dogs. The deposit is applied to the full price of the pup and is NOT REFUNDABLE. Please be sure you have put all the thought into the commitment before you deposit.

Orders for puppies are filled in the order the deposits are received based on sex and color selections.

Breeder reserves the right to keep any pup she feels necessary for the breeding program and superceds any depositor.
If you deposit on a puppy of a certain sex and color, you must be willing to wait up to a full year for that puppy to become available. It is very rare that it takes that amount of time, but you must be aware of the possibility. You have the option of switching sex and color to a pup that is AVAILABLE, You can NOT bump anyone on the deposit list. Should something come up in your life plans that require that you cancel on a puppy, the deposit will be good for 3 years. If you have not contacted me in regards to a puppy within the 3 years, the contract is considered completed. If you PASS on a pup 3 times, your contract is considered completed.
Puppies that are NOT taken home at 8 weeks of age are subject to a boarding fee 0f $15.00 a day.



Our Miniature Schnauzers have Natural Ears:

  • Non Shedding breed can be good for people with allergies
  • Very intelligent
  • Great companion dogs
  • Very Loyal
  • Good watch dogs, not usually aggressive but will alert you
  • Good for apartments, as well as homes, as they are a small breed
  • Moderate exercise is sufficient—a good brisk walk or daily run
  • Do not tie a mini schnauzer outside and forget him, he will learn to bark and prefers to be a house dog
  • Lifespan is 10 to 15 years
  • Toy Schnauzers are considered a disqualification of the breed standard but as with the newer colors, they are growing in popularity


  • Daily combing or brushing to avoid Mats
  • Grooming every 5 to 8 weeks
  • Do not feed table scraps to Miniature Schnauzers
  • Lots of love and attention

Possible Health Problem:

  • Prone to Kidney stones, bladder stones, pancreatitis, liver disease, skin disorders (schnauzer bumps), cysts, and most importantly PRA or Progressive Retinal Atrophy
  • Note-All Miniature Schnauzers used for breeding should be CERF tested to rule out any eye abnormality